PXD Tooth powder

For clean teeth, great smile & wonderful health of Your teeth




Did you ever think of the importance of the smile in the everyday life? How will your day look like without a smile? Healthy teeth and the beautiful smile are half of the total beauty. The smile brings happiness in your home, induce success in your business and cure the friendship. With PXD TOOTH POWDER have life filled with love, happiness and healthy smile! That is the thing that everyone wants, isn't it? Laughter is emotional state of the spirit which represents good mood. That is the greatest medicine against all illnesses of the modern age, depression and stress.  

PXD TOOTH POWDER is an efficiency herbal product for hygienic mouth treatment. It successfully removes the dental plaque. It slightly disinfects, so it prevents paradentopathy. If the problem occurs it calms the inflammatory processes and stops its progression, keeps the freshness of the breath and can be used instead of tooth paste.

Direction for use: Put the wet tooth brush into the herbal mixture and then brush your teeth and gums. After that, rinse the mouth with lukewarm water. It also can be used as a peeling device if you tip your wet fingers into the powder and treat the wet face or the other parts of the skin. Rinse the skin with lukewarm water and put the appropriate cream. The powder package is 25 g. It lasts depending on the personal use - a few months. 

Ingredients: Mint, Salvia, Hyssop and 7 more natural herbs


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PXD Tooth powder

For clean teeth, great smile & wonderful health of Your teeth

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