PXD Immuno

Enhance your Immune system




Live every moment healthy and happy!

Loneliness weakens the immunity. Make friends! Friendships are one of the healthiest things in life. Friends make you smile, not only make you fill nice, they influence on the healthy changes in your organism. That`s why surprise them and invite them on cup of hot tea

Every malformation in the organism is followed by reduction of the immunity, caused either by stress, acute or chronically sicknesses. 

PXD IMMUNO TEA consists of special herbals: Echinacea, hibiscus and others strengthens the organism and gives it the essential minerals and vitamins. It is better being used preventively in autumn and spring, in epidemic seasons, influenza. The tea will accelerate the recovery of the existing illness. It can be used in the same time with others teas: PXD Uro, PXD Broncho, PXD Metabo, PXD Cardio.
PXD IMMUNO TEA is recommended for strengthening the immunity. It is recommended to everybody: children, adults, sick and healthy people, to the reconvalescants. The richness of vitamins and minerals will directly strengthen your body which is continually exposed on stress. PXD IMMUNO TEA is a friend of your health.

Direction for use: 1 soup spoon is poured with 250 ml boiling water and leave it for 10 min. Drink twice a day always fresh prepared.


Ingredients: Symphytum officinale, Plantain, Mistletoe Echinacea, Hibiscus & 6 more herbs


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