PXD Broncho

Respiratory System problems resolver




Your health is Your choice. Our mission is to help You choose it! Health is the most important, the beauty comes by itself. Who will take care of us, if we don't do it by ourself. We are here to help you accomplish that and we hope that your choice will be PXD BRONCHO TEA for healthier life and for all the benefits that the nature offers to us


PXD BRONCHO TEA is recommended for solving problems with respiratory organs. The white mallow and the other healthful herbs in PXD BRONCHO TEA show a great efficiency with respiratory infections followed by coughing, higher temperature, runny nose and exhaustion. The tea is recommended for colds, angina, influenza, bronchitis. Experiences showed that it has many positive effects:

· It strengthens the immunity system, extends respiratory paths, and helps to throw away the mucous.

· It quickly helps to throw away the toxic elements of the body during the infection. 

· It stimulates the recovery - eliminates the headache, exhaustion. It is antiseptic - you can rinse your throat, tonsils and mouth hollow. 

Directions for usage: 1 soup spoon of the herbal mix is poured with boiling water. Leave it for 10 min drain it and drink it (you may add some honey).

Children: The same dosage is recommended for the children, twice a day and more.

Ingredients: Marshmallow, Hawthorn, Plantago major & 6 more herbs



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