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The health inside creates external beauty. To be healthy is real blessing. With PXD URO TEA let your organism to get rid of harmful elements. Your organism will be thankful, and you will glare again.

PXD URO TEA is recommended for kidney problems and urinary malformation. The natural combination of nettle, birch, corn silk and other herbs has diuretic effects, i.e. it helps throwing out the extra amount of water connected with kidneys diseases, heart diseases, liver, so that the body swelling disappears. Experiences showed that PXD URO TEA has many positive effects:

·  It stimulates the urination, especially to people who urine frequently, drop by drop. 
·  It helps with frequent urination with painful prostate. 
·  It cleans and disinfects the urine channels with festering. 
·  It dissolves irritating urine elements, which prevent the sand and stone formation. 
·  It dilutes the urine and eliminates the pains, contractions and frequent urination.
·  While urinating, the organism eliminates the toxic elements - either they come through the food or are generated in the body like toxic elements. 

Corn silk has such a high concentration of potassium (Vitamin K), it is a powerful diuretic. It combined with other specific herbs can be used to treat many problems with the urinary tract. It is helpful for kidney stones, cystitis, and problems with urine flow. The healthful components of birch and other herbs help with chronically infections and urinating problems. 

Directions for usage: 1 soup spoon is poured with boiling water and leaves it for 10 min and after that the tea is drained and you may drink it. One half liter to one liter is recommended during the day. High dosage is recommended with strong inflammation. 

Children: 1 tea spoon is poured with one half liter of water and leaves it for 10 min. To the drained tea sugar can be added. Drink it during the whole day.   

Ingredients: Nettle, Birch, Bearberries, Corn silk & 13 more herbs


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