PXD Energochip

Pad for Energizing liquids



          HEALTH FROM THE GLASS OF WATER! Taste the difference  !!!! Make Your body happy. 
The oldest way to keep your youth is to drink energy enhanced water for refreshment. PXD ENERGOCHIP is natural source of youth and vitality and gives you clean and energy enhanced water in your home like the water from the cleanest spring in the mountains. 


Tap water and even bottled water is water without the energy that our body needs. The Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and World Wildlife Fund have urged all their supporters to consume less bottled water, and various campaigns against bottled water are starting to appear. Many of these campaigns claim that bottled water is no better than tap water. How we can get energy enhanced water like the water from the spring? 

PXD ENERGOCHIP  for drinks energizes and increases the drinking water activity giving it the best quality. Put the PXD ENERGOCHIP under the glass of drinking water from the waterworks and wells and leave it there for 15 min. and after that use it for drinking, making tea, coffee, cooking soup, washing vegetable, meat, preparing juices and food for children, washing and planting. It is better to energize water put in glass or glass decanter then plastic glass or decanter.

Every human body contains approximately 60% of water and if your weight  is 70 kg, it has 40 liters of water. The water has chemical, physical and biological characteristics. 

PXD ENERGOCHIP improves the biological characteristics of the water, which is manifested in the body on the following way:

·  It helps intestine motion and the gastric work

·  It progresses the blood and blood circulation

·  Improves the exchange of cell nutrition, metabolism 

·  Helps the weak heart work, liver, spleen and kidneys work

·  Improves the brain work and nerves 

·  If we drink more than 2 liters water a day it melts kidney stones

·  Helps medicament efficiency, the efficiency of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, hormones 

·  Helps the diet efficiency 

·  Reduces tiredness and improves concentration 

PXD ENERGOCHIP is Certified by Biofield Quality Certificate, by  BION, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology Ltd.,Slovenia, EUROPE


The advantages for usage of PXD ENERGOCHIP are wide:

1.) Easy for use
2.) Has no expiry date – It has unlimited date of expiry, if it is treated properly
3.) Has Certified by Biofield Quality Certificate, by  BION, Institute for Bio electromagnetics and New Biology Ltd.,Slovenia, EUROPE,  
4.) Weights only 14g.
5.) Doesn’t need any service
6.) Cannot be broken
7.) It doesn’t change the frequency of work of other machines in the surrounding including cell phones
8.) It doesn’t lower up the energy for work of other machines in the surrounding including cell phones
9.) It energizes water and equally good, alcohol ( rakia, vodka,…), juices,..
10.) It doesn’t harm other machines in the surrounding to work
11.) It is safe for use
12.) Only one is enough, not more
13.) Great sales price
14.) It has no Contraindications
15.) Person can energize numerous number of glasses of liquid or decanters of 2-3 l. filled with different kinds of liquids 
16.) Water desalination is brought to min
17.) Energized water brings many health improvements in the body


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PXD Energochip BION’s Certificate English/Serbian

PXD Energochip BION’s Analysis Serbian

PXD Energochip BION's Analysis Slovenian


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