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The search for the source of health and life strength can start only in nature. For thousands of years, people around the globe have been searching for a magical drink that will reveal the secret of constant health. Today that secret is known as PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT, which provides good health and life strength.

This extract is made out of the Japanese tea mushroom - Kombucha. In the old days, the kombucha was the privilege of the high royal society. The Japanese emperor gave the Chinese emperor the kombucha as a valuable gift. The gift received a lot of attention on the Chinese court because they felt the beneficial effect of the kombucha. The Chinese emperor was very generous and gave his people the gift of the kombucha.

In that way the well kept secret of the kombucha mushroom was transferred on the entire Asian continent and later throughout the world. What is important to mention about the development of the kombucha liquid are several factors:

* Good bioculture ( maya ) * Pure spring water * Sugar  * Green or black tea



            Bowl in which the mushroom is kept should be wide so that the mushroom would be big, and the liquid shallow, to maximally use the sugar and the active ingredients in the tea. Keeping it in a jar is not recommendable because the mushroom is small, and the liquid deep and there is no maximum usage of the listed ingredients.
            Good conditions in which the kombucha is kept - there should be a constant temperature, no electric devices and maximum hygiene should be maintained.



           The kombucha liquid is a symbiotic unity of different yeasts, ferments, enzymes and other microorganisms, whose relation is different depending on the way and condition that is kept in. If the kombucha is correctly grown, it produces ingredients of fermentation which are very useful and beneficial for the human system.

PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT is 20 times stronger then Kombucha liquid. Also many times faster works, then Kombucha liquid. In one day, one person can drink whole jar, but 20 l is impossible to be drank. PXD Kombucha Extract contains L – Lactic Acid, that is assumed as one of most successful anticancer substance. Also, the experiences of hundred thousand consumers have shown that, this product cleans blood, regenerates the liver and regenerates the tissues in the body. This product is full with B – Complex Vitamins.

The Experiences of hundred thousands people around the World, confirm that PXD Kombucha Extract regenerates and cleans the liver, lungs, kidneys and bowels, helps making new blood, regulates blood pressure and the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, increases elasticity of the arteries and veins ( thrombosis ), prevents muscle cramps, melts bile and kidney stones, enhances microcirculation, strong anticancerogenic substance, regulates the work of prostate, returns natural color of the hair, Rinse festering wounds, hair and feet. 

Sportsmen call PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT energetic bomb, because only after 15 min, of  consumption, the body gets a lot of energy, for fast detoxification. PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT improves circulation of the blood in the muscels and by regular usage and fitness, enlarges the quality of the muscle mass, without steroids usage.   

Usage: For preventive usage, two – three coffee spoons daily are enough. It is recommended that half an hour before PXD Kombucha Extract’s usage, we don’t drink any liquid and half an hour after the usage, it is highly recommended that 2 glasses of water are drank, for body detoxification. It is also recommended that when PXD Kombucha Extract is taken, to be kept When extreme diseases are in question, we take at least, 3 tea spoons up to one whole jar of PXD Kombucha Extract a day.  

Diabetics should drink PXD Kombucha Extract in the following way: One coffee spoon is put in 2 dl water of cold water and is drank throughout the day. This is done, the first 3 days.

Then the next 3 days, two coffee spoons are put in 2 glasses, each 2dl. And those 2 glasses are drank throughout the day. The next 3 days 3 coffee spoons are put in 3 glasses, each 2dl. And those 3 glasses are drank throughout the day.




1.) Easy for use

2.) Have no expiry date – It has unlimited date of expiry

3.) It has valid examination of it's content and cleanness

4.) 100% Natural, no additives added, no artificial colors & any kind of chemistry added

5.) It can be used by anyone sick and healthy people as prevention, great for sportsmen, pregnant women, old and young people

6.) You can use it anywhere

7.) No contraindications

8.) In some pains result is almost instantaneous

9.) Easy portable, Easy usable

10.) Great sales price  





PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT is healthy food that when it is consumed the body benefits a lot. It is 100% natural extracted PXD Kombucha Tea, that can be used in every day meals before or after the meals. It contains useful ingredients like minerals, vitamins, acids like no other product and with no other effect helps the body feel great or the person solve some health problems. 


2. What makes PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT unique?

PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT has some useful ingredients that is hardly found in other products like glucuronic acid that regenerates the liver, cleans the blood and for that reason PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT has regenerative properties


3. Is it natural product ? Is it organic ?

Yes, PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT is 100% natural, no additives and preservatives added. PXD Kombucha Tea is made of organic green tea, filtered water and preservatives free sugar.



PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT is extracted PXD KOMBUCHA TEA. One PXD Kombucha Extract jar of 250 g. ( 212 ml ) is produced from 10-15 l PXD Kombucha Tea. One full jar of PXD Kombucha Extract can be drunk at once and the body will have a lot of energy. That is the case when a strong cleansing of the body should be applied in extreme cases, that is not possible to be done with equivalent of 10-15 l per day of PXD Kombucha Tea. 

Simply PXD Kombucha Extracts give fast and obvious results and it works 20 times faster the PXD Kombucha Tea. Also kidneys cannot process that much liquid 10-15 l PXD Kombucha Tea, that is not the case with one jar of PXD Kombucha Extract.



PXD Kombucha Extract can be used by anyone. Healthy persons like prevention, sick persons, sportsmen, babies, pregnant wives with no contraindications


6. Are there contraindications in PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT's usage ?

No, there are no contraindication when using PXD Kombucha Extract

7. How to use it ?

As prevention 2-3 coffee spoons per day in cases of solving some health problems 2-3 table spoons per day and in extreme case, for sportsmen for improved shape or in extreme cases of health problems even one jar a day.


8. What benefits the body has when using PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT ?

√ Revitalization and 

√ Improvement of your immune system and 

√ For boosting lot of energy and 

√ Liver cleaning and 

√ Relaxing of the nerve system and 

√ Best blood cleaner and

√ For improvement of the circulation and

√ For blood pressure and cholesterol regulation and 

√ For improvement of the muscle mass without steroids and

√ For loosing weight and different types of diets and

√ For improving the shape and the body condition, excellent for sportsmen and

√ For preventing flues and much more....


9. Can a person become addicted to PXD KOMBUCHA EXTRACT ? Is it possible to use it always ?

No. There is no chemical suppstance so the body cannot be addicted to PXD Kombucha Extract. If the body can be addicted to an orange in the same way the body can be addicted to PXD Kombucha Extract. The person can always use PXD Kombucha Extract. The body always feel so if we listen to our inner need we will use it, when the body needs it.

10. How it is packed ?

It is packed in 212 ml ( 250 g. ) jar. The jar is best for PXD Kombucha Extract. The quality of the product stay the same in jar

11. How long does it last ?

From the moment of opening of the jar 2 years. If it is not opened it has no period of expiry. The natural acids it has inside help the product preserve itself and be lost lasting

12. Storage Conditions ?

No special storage conditions. Not recommended to be kept in fridge. 

13. Additional notes

The taste and density may vary to crystal form without quality change. 


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PXD Kombucha Extract

Clean Your Body, Boost Your Energy, Be Healthy