People are terrified from electricity transmitters. Their health is disinitigrated and they are scared. They share their private stories, experiences, happenings with them and they also talk about the solutions, that made them safe their lives.

“In my home I had a lot of stress from electromagnetic radiation: I live on the top floor of my building and on the roof of the building next to mine there are a couple of large GSM and UTMS transmitters..."


I really wanted to see you again
With the same smile on your lips
Talk about the rain, say anything
Do not talk about yourself, still I am afraid

How good is to see you again,

To Put my hands on your shoulders,

As once it was kiss me gently,

For those good, good, good old times



Even the kids share their delight. PXD Kombucha Extract has won the kid's heart. Kids are honest, kids are innocent, kids have all their heart to share with the World.

The drink of the warriors, the drink of clean body and increased energy has a new experience. Radan is sharing his delight of his Kombucha Extract's usage


In his 69, Zivorad ( Milosevic – my husband), has felt very severe health ailments in the stomach area. He booked examination in the most prestigious medical institution in Ex-Yugoslavia, VMA in Belgrade. The doctors discovered that he has cancer between his colon and small intestine. They did operation, eliminated cancer cells and tissues but during the operation they also found out that he has liver metastases. 


Kiss me and be there,

to close my eyes on your warm shoulder

Kiss me and be there,

Let the hearts beat as it is for the first time

Kiss me and Pray
That all candles of the World Light For Us

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