We ( people ) all have our own Mission in front of God, that we should do it properly and honestly in this life !” and mine is to protect as many people I can, from some harmful occurrences. “


1.) Suzana nice to meet you and have this short chat with you. Tell us something about Your self, what maybe we don’t know ?

I was born in Strumica in 1970. I’m mother of two kids, son and daughter and grandma of one grandchild named Sonja. I came in Australia for the second time, this year 2012. I came in Brisbane and met many new friends. The first time 


Alen Islamovic ( legendary Bosnian pop song writer, singer and member of ex mega popular Balkan pop group " Bijelo Dugme" ), BIH, with PXD Bord Directors in Skopje, Macedonia, 15th June, 2006

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