For Those Who Need More Info - Competitive advantages of Angels Drink



To have advantage is very important. To be unique even more. To be Manager’s drink and to help Mangers concentrate better, have more energy and strength is also advantage. Here are some of the Competitive advantages of Angel’s Drink

1.) Easy for use. The amount of 1 jar is 212 ml. When is used as prevention, whole jar is used 2-2.5 weeks, 2-3 coffee spoons a day. 

2.) Unlimited date of expiry, if the jar is not opened. From the moment of opening 2 years.

3.) Examined in Republic Institution for Health Protection – part of Ministry for Health of MACEDONIA ( Institute for public health – Skopje, MACEDONIA ) with importation permits, for quality in Austria, states of Benelux, Cyprus,…

4.) More then 100 000 positive experience, throughout the world from its usage

5.) Weights 420 g.

6.) This product can be used by anyone. Sick people, healthy people as prevention, pregnant woman, excellent for sportsmen, babies, young people,…

√ Healthy people use PXD Kombucha Extract as prevention, for keeping immunity of the body in excellent shape and for constant detoxification  ( very important for illnesses absence ) and keeping of energy on high level as well 

√ Sick people use it for improving their condition and health and solving health problems. Very important for this product is that cleans the blood, regenerates the liver and regenerates the tissues in the body. Also the process of detoxification of the body is very important as well as changing the acidity of the body from acid to neutral. PXD Kombucha Extract although it has glucoses, fructose, sucrose ( they are natural ) can be used even by diabetics, where it has regenerative effect. Glucoses, Fructose and Sucrose are natural and they are immediately processed in the body, that produces a lot of energy for the body…

√ Kids and Babies can use it for colds, energy, highered up temperature,…

√ Pregnant women in the period of pregnancy have lack of Fe ( Iron ), C – Vitamin,…etc.

√ Excellent for sportsmen because it boosts energy. Also the presence of L – Lactic acid provides that the rest and reparation of the tissues for the next  match  is done faster and  the potential bad effects form R – Lactic Acid like sore muscles are lowered at minimum or there are no such effects. This product is natural anabolic, extremely needed by any sportsmen for excellent condition, shape and great efforts

√ Young people can use it as a replacement for Red Bull, for highering up the energy, for blood cleansing when alcohol is used. When a person is drunk the reparation of the body is very fast, when this product is drank. The difference between any product with chemistry and PXD Extract is that PXD Kombucha Extract, cannot harm the body.

NOTE: All above noted details are got, according to our personal experiences and the experiences of hundred thousand consumers around the World.  PXD Kombucha Extract is addition to healthy food, that has many beneficial performances, for keeping excellent shape of the body as well as solving many health problems. Due to its performances, can be recommended  in a very big number of health problems and conditions

7.) No over dosage

8.) 100% Natural Product

9.) No chemical additions, additives and preservatives…

10.) It gives fast and obvious results from the moment of its consumption 

11.) Very big % of return back of the clients, for more jars

NOTE: 10.) i 11.) According to all done Analysis on our and foreign market, we concluded the following:

√ Product that is recognized at once and ordered

√ The results of its usage are fast and obvious, that satisfies the need of the people  

√ The Percentage of  return back of the clients for more, is very high 
√ The recommendation from satisfied consumers is very high as well

√ It is enough only small information, for the people to hear about the product. That advertisement is for example 21s. advertisement on 2 languages published on the button Promotion.

12.) Health Benefits

√ Highers up the immunity because of Vitamin C

√ Has B – Complex, It relaxes the nerve system  

√ Boosts energy and power to the body  

√ The Best blood cleaner, liver regenerator, and tissues  regenerator  

√ Excellent for bones because of Mg ( Magnesium ), K ( Potassium ), Ca ( Calcium ),

√ Detoxifier of the body, cleaner of extra liquids, excellent in losing weight treatments

√ Changes the acidity of the body from acid to neutral  

√ Excellent anticancer matter because of L-Lactic Acid

√ It contains natural glucoses, fructose, sucrose, that body recognizes at once, processes very soon, so the body feels energy very soon,..And much more