by Dr Neil Cherry O.N.Z.M. Associate Professor* of Environmental Health


Abstract: Both local ELF fields and far-fields of RF/MW radiation expose the whole human body and induce electric currents that flow through the body seeking “earth”. The electric current induces the formation of magnetic fields, creating the combined electromagnetic field. The induced electric currents primarily flow through the strong conduction high water organs, circulation system and bone marrow. They also flow through the electrical conduction fibres of the Central Nervous System. The oscillating electromagnetic signals damage the DNA in the exposed cells the current is flowing through, generating cell death and mutations that primarily lead to Leukaemia and Lymphoma. This explains why Leukaemia rates in Children and Adults have progressively risen over the 20th Century as more and more homes were provided with electric power. This produced living environments involving chronic low-level ELF field exposures in homes, along streets and in all building environments with electric power supplies. The unique ubiquitous exposure situation produced by this development provides a sole and confirmed source of the vast majority of the elevated cancer rates, including most of the Leukaemia/Lymphoma rates. Since both residences and work places involve chronic EM field exposures, the epidemiological studies of both are appropriately considered and the issue of no nonexposed control group needs to be dealt with. Appropriate exposure assessment is vital for determining dose-response relationships. The results of over 40 residential studies and 100 occupational studies give strong, extensive and robust evidence that ELF and RF/MW (EMR) radiation is proven to cause Leukaemia and Lymphoma in children and adults, including over 40 dose-response relationships.

Introduction: The earliest residential epidemiological studies by themselves were of a nature and quality that indicated a causal link between household chronic mean electromagnetic fields and childhood and adult cancer, Wertheimer and Leeper (1, 2). They were confirmed by an independent follow-up study Savitz et al (3). When the growing evidence in the subsequent 20 years was summarized, Milham (4) reviewed about 40 residential studies and 100 occupational studies and found that the showed nearly 500 separate risk ratios. For every lowered Risk Ratio there are about six Risk Ratios that are elevated. Milham records that a number of these studies show dose-responses between magnetic field and cancer incidence. Over 40 studies are cited here. The current evidence cited here provides dose-response relationships between EMF/EMR exposure elevated in over 20 childhood and over 20 adult cancer studies. This is definitely causal. Milham also notes the obvious but rarely recognised fact that there are no unexposed groups available. This effect is termed here the Ubiquitous Genotoxic Carcinogen Effect (UGCE), resulting in grossly lowered Risk Ratios and major under-estimates of the levels of the effects in more recent studies than the very older studies. This review will summarize the available evidence and propose and apply methods to more appropriately interpret the results in the face of the UGCE and the Healthy Worker Effect (HWE). The review also accepts that there are established biological mechanisms for these effects including EMR induced melatonin reduction, calcium ion efflux and genotoxic DNA damage, each shown by a large body of multiple independent studies, Cherry (5).

Leukaemia/Lymphoma Description: Leukaemia is a progressive malignant disease of the blood forming organs, characterised by the distorted proliferation and development of leukocytes and their precursors in the blood and bone marrow. It is classified according to degree of cell differentiation as acute or chronic (terms no longer referring to the duration of disease) and according to the predominant type of cell involved as lymphocytic (ALL, CLL) or myelogenous (AML, CML) Dorland (6). Lymphoma involves any neoplastic disorder of the lymphoid tissue. The term lymphoma is often used to denote malignant lymphoma. Hodgkin’s Disease is a form of malignant lymphoma, characterized by painless progressive enlargement of the lymph nodes, spleen and general lymphoid tissue. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) is a heterogeneous group of malignant lymphomas, the only common feature being the absence of giant Reed-Sternberg cells characteristic of Hodgkin’s Disease. They arise from lymphoid components of the immune system.

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