One day, five of us established a company with an idea to help the biggest number of people to improve their health and to reach financial independence.

We advertised in the newspaper and started searching for the people who would become our partners/distributors. We held promotions and had business dealings every day in our small company office that was 34 m2.  

We were giving promotional material to everybody. At one time, we found our commercial material thrown away in the garbage right next to our firm. This made us change the strategy and we’ve started to charge 2€ to each who signed the contract and expressed interest to hear our promotion. With earned money, we paid advertising and there was always still left for food. 

We ate nothing but cheese pie for a month until our first product selling started. When it happened, we bought ourselves a meal in the small buffet near our office.

Sobering with Apples

Sobering with apples came soon after the golden period of eating meat-pies. Seventeen days in a row, we had money only for apples. To tell you the truth, the apples never tasted so sweet as back then. 

We managed through it all, because we believed we are going to make a great company. Price to pay was a long road ahead of us, road of self-sacrifice and great persistence.       

Yet our wish was strong enough so we managed to establish a multilevel company, PXD SYSTEM.       

I’ll tell you about two occasions that in the time of PXD System’s rise.

The company had a regularly working time from 10 am to 8 pm and we had a lunch break from 2 pm to 4 pm. At this time, we dined in the same room we used for business meetings and promotions.

One day, during our lunch break one of our partners came by. He peaked in and said: “Good appetite!” Our answer to this was “Thank you, feel free to join us!” After this interruption of our meal, we all felt tense and uncomfortable because of this short interruption. Simply, it was clear to us that we had to ensure better working conditions.

The room that was turned into a waiting room had a pipe in the wall. The water from the pipe was used as a drinking water.

One day my partner went to get water. I remember it as if it were yesterday. In the waiting room were about twenty people. One madam suddenly spoke to my partner “What kind of company is this with a pipe in the wall?  Why isn’t your company placed in the town centre if you are so brilliant”?

My partner’s answer was genial “We are not a company with leather gallantry and marble boards where everything glitters and the wealth can be noticed. Companies like that only take your money and usually there is fraud going on. We are a company that offers business possibilities in a fair way”.  

Indeed, it was strength of a mission that you could see right away. I was proud of my partner’s answer. I learned that vision and idea that inflame your wish are crucial for success in such a manner.

Remember, it is relevant to write down goals on paper. Nowadays, people have less time than ever to think about self and for the self (who are you, what do you want to be, and why were you born). By writing the goals down, you stand on the road of discovering the essence of your own existence – why you were born and that is the most crucial.  

Once you learn the truth about yourself, you do not have to write down the goals anymore, because only then the desire itself will lead you towards your self-fulfillment and to the road of your happiness and wealth. It is good to write down your goals as a sort of  plan for your future achievements because with them you always have guidelines that lead you.

I have never let myself fail. I have lived and I live every day as if I was born to succeed. That keeps me in creative form of making ideas that attract success.   


Define goals of every segment of your life because without them you won’t have a clear picture of success. To become successful you must nurse your wish until the baby becomes Hercules. 

Let your intuition be crucial when bringing decisions and after let your ratio develop a strategy of achievement. Money won’t make you happy but it will help you remove some things that make you miserable.The strength of the mission has a higher intensity than individual success. Be an active participant through your own doctrine of success.

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