Cheops Pyramid...Mystic, Power, Religion, Warrior’s Prestige,...or scientific enigma...

There are a lot of scientific thesis, how pyramid was created, why was built,..etc., and at this moment we are interested, how somebody, the National Wealth of Egypt, one of the Sevent Wonders of the Ancient World, succeded to sell more then 20000 times !

I know that all this sounds weird  but you will see that this is the right truth.

Many conquerors were thinking of a ways, how they could take over whole Pyramid and take it in their own country.

Of course they failed to succeed because they didn’t have technology with whom they would take it, move it and not damaged it. At the very least instance, to grab someone else's national wealth is not moral neither ethical.
Since the time when Cheops Pyramid exists, it attracts huge amount of people to visit her and in modern times there are a lot Agencies that have Touristic tours in Egypt, where people can see this magnificent building.
Energy is everywhere and it is impossible to sell beauty without energy and on the bottom of everything to attrack people’s attention. By exploring Scientific  discoveries, it was concluded that Cheops pyramid was used for drying the Nile’s delta and that on 1/3 of it’s height energy was created and illuminated, through the top. Exactly that energy was attracting people,...




The Man who sold Cheops Pyramid 20000 times had to penetrate in the secrets and mystical powers of Cheops Pyramid. Through the process of searching & studying, he came to astonishing conclusions:

- The name PYRAMID is consisted of 2 parts, PIRO & AMID. PIRO means Divine fire, AGNI – Fire, Life Energy, Bio-cosmic energy, PRANA and AMID means Middle ( Center ), Nucleus

- The meaning of pyramid. Pyramid represents 5 elements of Earth. 4 Sides signify Land, Wind, Water & Fire and the Basis is Ether

- The shape of Pyramid acumulates energy from the surrounding and that is Sun energy during the day, Energy of Moon during the night

- The Energy is acumulated on 1/3 of the bottom of the Pyramid

- New energy is created as a combination of Cosmic Energy & Earth Gravitation Energy

- The King’s Chamber is exactly located on 1/3 from the botom’s center and that in engineering sense means Center of Gravity and in Spiritual Sense means Possibility for Meditation and improvement

- The seed placed in Pyramid in King’s Chamber and kept from 1-5 days there, when sewed gives 30-100% more yield than usual

- According to Patrick Flanagan, who wrote few books on the topic of Pyramid and it’s powers, pyramids with the exact relative dimensions of Egyptian pyramids act as "an effective resonator of randomly polarized microwave signals which can be converted into electrical energy."

After excellently done homework, the Man who sold Cheops Pyramid 20000 times, went to realize his Major Plan for selling Cheops Pyramid.

For him, few major facts were important:

- Cheops pyramid is very heavy ( very big weight )

- The time for selling it block by block, it would be very slowly

- It’s dimensions, especially height of 139 m, it doesn’t promise that it can be put everywhere

- The laws of Egypt don’t allow, the sales of Cheops Pyramid

- If the Pyramid is transferred from it’s original place to other, would it be possible that Pyramid has it’s powers yet?

- Many people need that one Pyramid, that will be sold and what is with the next 20000 pyramids ?

- One is already there and another 19999 should be built

The Man who sold Cheops Pyramid 20000 times, found solutions on all these questions and succedeed to rich his goal. His Strategy of Excellence and Preeminence brought result. HOW DID HE DO THAT ?



Cheops Pyramid in its original shape, with its weight, height and volume, had to be resized without changed originality & function. He came to conclusion that Cheops Pyramid, had to be done again, for sales purposes. Original dimensions were huge problem and for that reason, it was decide that it will be done Cheops Pyramid, 2000  times reduced. The first test pyramids that were done, were made of paper, cardboard, glass, porcelain, metal, all of them were different colors and they looked very nice. The only thing that was missing, was the curative energy, that real Cheops Pyramid has.
The thing that was done as a next step was to make Cheops Pyramid, that will have the same properties as Cheops Pyramid in Giza.

The shape was solved, the weight also, the law problems with Egyptians were removed but still there was something missing. Then a Bingo occured. Cheops Pyramid was made of ceramic, with outside frosting and inside space of the Cheops Pyramid including King’s Chamber was created when a column was made and on the top of the column a special chip was placed. A Chip 

was placed on 1/3 of the height and it was made of metal crystals.

The Chip had a shape of Tibetian space antena, made of metal crystals in very specific quantities and under special procedures done.

Now, what left was that Cheops Pyramid, 2000 times reduced, was checked how it affects people ? 50 People started using Cheops Pyramid and the experiences were astonishing. All of those people said that they slept better, some of them lost swellings on the legs, they had more energy, they felt more calm, the heartbeat was normal, they were not nervous, even in many cases the preasure was regulated,…etc.



Diana S., Australia          Ankica S., Macedonia              Dana B., Australia


That this is not only imaginary and that the power of energy transformation of 2000 times reduced Pyramid is extraordinary confirm also the Examination done by 2 World Institutes.

IGEF - Germany examinations

Certificate for harmonizing and neutralizing effect on electromagnetic and geopathic radiation 

1. Reduction of stress potential
2. Increasing of the necessary blood volume/quantity
3. Improvement of the heartbeats variability

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BION - Slovenia examinations

Certificate of energy influence quality 

Biofield quality certificate

Certificate of water structure quality Bioevapo Emoto Method

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For all that need to know the details about Harmful effect of Electromagnetic Radiation & Geopathic stress:
= WiFi Silent Killer, that kills us slowly...

= Locals say No to Cell Phone Towers...
= Teachers insist...
Direct link to 7,191 Cancer deaths from cellular antennas radiation exposed in the Study done from 96-06, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil...
Dr.Neil Cherry, New Zealand gives firm evidence in the far 2001 that Electromagnetic radiation is Geno-toxic...


Cheops pyramid, not that improves the general condition of health and immunity but protects from harmful effect of Electromagnetic radiation & Geopathic stress.

This Pyramid could have been sold to all the world. It was named PXD Biopyramid and then in one buzz 20000 PXD Biopyramids were sold. Everything else is legend.


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