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PXD Biopyramid protects 153 m2  and:
= reduces stress
= prevents and reduces sicknesses
= neutralizes the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation ( radiation from all devices inside the house and outside the house like computers, TV, Lap tops, lightening, WiFi, power plants, transformers, mobile phones and TV antennas...) and geopathic radiation from underground water flows and Cosmic radiation ( Hartman's Net, Curry's Global Grid )

= Works effectively in every house, apartment and office space
= Proven extremely effective with 4 Certifications for Quality Research, IGEF - Germany and BION Institute - Slovenia
= Resistant to all weather conditions
= Durable product, easily handled and serviced 

The truth about EMR and cancers

Direct link to 7,191 Cancer deaths from cellular antennas radiation exposed in the Study done from 96-06, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Many other scientist in the World have proved that electromagnetic radiation from underground water flaws, devices working on 

electricity inside and outside the house like wireless phones, TV sets, lap tops, mobile phones, power plants, routers, mobile transmitters,…etc., Cosmic radiation cause cancers, tumors and hard sicknesses....Details 

Dr.Neil Cherry, New Zealand gives firm evidence in the far 2001 that Electromagnetic radiation is Geno-toxic. The implications for the epidemiology of cancer and cardiac, neurological and reproductive effects stated in his Study Exposed to European Parliament. In his studies, Dr.Nil Cherry, New Zealand publishes his researches on the connection of different types of electromagnetic radiation with:
= Reduction of melatonin in the body (2002).
= Cancer in children near San Francisco (2002).
= Leukemia and Lymphoma in adults and children (2002).
= Destroy reproductive effects (2002).
= Neurological effects and implications for degenerative diseases, brain tumors (2002).
= Potential effects of increased violence, murder and accelerated aging in humans and animals (2002).
= Cancer of the breast in women (2002). ... Etc. Details

EMR & Cancers: Epidemiologic evidence ( World Health Organisation )


The looks of human Aura under influence of electromagnetic radiation and after the usage of PXD Biopyramid

What do people say ?


Diana S., Australia          Ankica S., Macedonia              Dana B., Australia


How PXD Biopyramid works ?
How PXD Biopyramid's technology works ?

PXD Biopyramid works on a simple principle. When the energy of harmful radiation comes to the chip placed on 2/3 of the height of the column inside PXD Biopyramid, the chip does the energy transformation. The energy from electromagnetic radiation that was harmful, now after the transformation is not harmful that an examinations done in IGEF and BION on people show. The quartz crystals inside the Biopyramid column, strengthen the new transformed energy that goes out of the Biopyramid in the shape of sphere that has 14m diameter and 3 m height. 

Transformed energy of electromagnetic radiation that now is not harmful done by transformation under the influence of PXD Biopyramid now becomes favorable and has positive effect also on the energy systems of people.  

Look at the conclusions...

Examinations, Analysis and Certificates from European Institutions

IGEF - Germany examinations

Certificate for harmonizing and neutralizing effect on electromagnetic and geopathic radiation 

1. Reduction of stress potential
2. Increasing of the necessary blood volume/quantity
3. Improvement of the heartbeats variability

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BION - Slovenia examinations

Certificate of energy influence quality 

Biofield quality certificate

Certificate of water structure quality Bioevapo Emoto Method

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