by S.B.


He did not believe that his cure will save over 100 000 people .. Goran Stankovic had more than 5 years headaches almost every day. The most common way to interrupt the pain was with analgesics in order for him to be able to rest or to sleep ... He tried all methods of treatment but the cause nor a cure was not found until the moment he heard the story of Harmful electromagnetic radiation.

               Actually it's all about radiation caused by cell phones.  Scientific literature makes claims that electromagnetic radiation causes cancers, tumors, frequent headaches and severe illnesses, so when he read of it he started looking for a solution. He was thinking either to throw his phone or to find protection for him ...

               On his way to find a solution he met with a team of experts, who together came up with a solution and products which prevent the influence of harmful radiation that with them is being transformed into a positive.

               After placing a product on his mobile phone for 14 years, he has no signs of headaches, so the cause is removed and the negative result is missing ...

               He opened a company to meet the needs of over 100 000 people to solve the same or similar to the problem that he himself had ... The entire product range is the result of science, research and certification on the basis of tests on humans and on top of that their effectiveness is confirmed by satisfied customers .

               His mission through the company PXD SYSTEM continues to prevent the most serious diseases, because radiation is all around us and can not be avoided, but they can be transformed into positive by protecting from them.

               Each client is an extension of the mission "to prevent the most difficult diseases and to preserve our health and the health of our loved ones"


Protect Yourself while there is still time

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