We better be dressed in a suit when we talk to people. The suit reminds of business and it is noted in peoples mind that businessman always wears suit. Even though dressing habits are changing, the suit is still official wear. My brother is getting married; I have to wear a suit


Since I was little I always wanted to wear casual cloths, I’ve never thought that one day I will wear suit. I’ve bought black suit, maybe that was the most famous and I must admit that it looked good on me. The feeling was strange I hardly waited till wedding finish so I could put the suit in the closet. After few years, in a new occasion, I put the suit on again. I started to work in serious company where everyone was wearing suits. At the beginning I opposed but I saw that no one take that for serious.

My friend was earning 10 times more than me and I noticed that there is a difference: he was wearing suit and I didn’t. I was wearing suit all month but my friend was still earning ten times more than me and I didn’t know what the problem was. I find out that I wasn’t wearing tie and I put one immediately. Next month I’ve earned double, it’s obvious that the tie had influence in my success. I asked my friend few questions believing that I will get the right answers for my successful money earning.

The answer frizzed me. The point wasn’t in the suit or tie! The reason of his success was the good communication and great public speech. The only thing I was interested in is how to become successful speaker and negotiator I have started to read books on psychology of success and I was better every day. After 6 months my earnings were the same as those of my friend; I’ve succeeded. I’ve concluded that the tie gives special impression but the communication gives the best impression. It is interesting that practice always gives results which can act when they are in use. No matter how good tie suits you, the best feeling came when people wait to hear you because you have so much to say.

The suit can give you extra self-confidence it can make you serious and real business man, so be careful with your wear because people around you notice all the details; even the smallest things can’t stay out of their site. Now on every meeting I’m wearing suit because that is the question of habit and is good to have one as soon as possible because, believe me, it works. The professor of my friend was always saying that manager is person who wears suit and tie. I will say that you should wear your knowledge in suit and the goal is already achieved, you’ve finished your lesson of the way of dressing.

Dress your knowledge in suit and you will be manager.


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