By Borivoje Mihajlovski


1. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common medical issues in today’s world. It is a metabolic issue that occurs because of the increased amounts of blood glucose inside the body because of little or no creation of insulin in the body. Hence, the blood sugar amounts are increased as soon as a person eats xenical due to little or no creation of insulin. Around 18% of women & 24% of men who are  65 or older are suffering from diabetes.

2. Hypertension

It is a condition where a person has increased levels of blood pressure in his/her arteries. Arteries transport the blood from your heart to all the cells & other parts of your body. Due to the increased pressure, the heart is required to work harder for proper functioning that could at times result in heart stroke, renal failure, heart failure or cardiac arrest. The most common hypertension causes are obesity, smoking, high intake of salt, little or no physical activity, diabetes, etc.

3. Obesity

Health issues related to the weight are getting more and more common, mainly in the Western regions like the Europe & United States. Maintaining proper weight is very crucial for human health & it also helps you feel good in addition providing increased energy for doing day-to-day works. Being obese or overweight can lead to greater risks of suffering from other health issues like heart stroke, diabetes, breathing issues, etc. Obesity in teenagers has become another major issues in the 21st century due to improper nutrition, excessive intake of junk food, lack of sufficient physical activities, consumption of soda based drinks & sugary syrups in huge amounts, etc.

4. Allergies

A person may suffer from an allergy at any age. It could be due to global warming, increased levels of pollution, exposure to exhaust gases coming from the vehicles, dust, etc. Allergies may result in itching, redness as well as rashes on the skin. A few allergies may result from foods as well.

5. Alzheimer’s Disease

Every year, Alzheimer’s disease causes nearly 184 deaths per 100k individuals aged 65 or more. According to the Alzheimer’s Association almost five million adult people above the age of 65 are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but due to diagnosing issues, it is tough to know the exact amount of people living with chronic issue. 

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