Child and student – what is the difference between them?

I see many similarities and I’ll explain you what I'm talking about. When the child is born s/he doesn’t understand anything, all information are completely new for him. The parents are taking care of him and changing dippers because the child is not capable to take care by itself. The most important thing is that the child feels love from the direct environment. The child absorbs everything. The progress of the child depends on the directions of his parents and direct environment.

In the beginning the child is learning from everyone even when it doesn’t want it. The baby doesn’t have power to choose the source of information or capability to explore what is happening around. When I compare a child with the student they have lot of common things. The student doesn’t have knowledge; he has mainly little self-confidence and big ego. That’s why s/he needs love to start working on itself because only when we are talking with love and pure emotion he is ready to listen to us. The beginning of his luck and success is in our hands! The student must learn how to be opened for new information, than starts the change of personality; the change of character determines the flow of life.


What’s most important for the student’s progress?

Long time ago, I’ve found the answer on this question from my father.

“Listen the other people, read books and study, that’s how you’ll develop your personality” Certainly, there is lot of useful literature but the best way to learn is through spoken words. Think of the most successful person in your environment and ask her/him to tell about the methods and principles that made her successful. As you can see, contrary to the baby, the student can choose the source of information from where and from whom s/he will learn - that is the biggest advantage. When I began working on myself everything seemed to be very confusing, I didn’t know which information is useful, my thoughts were absent-minded. When I reached high concentration and focus, my thoughts and knowledge start to get power. That is the same as you are sharpening the knife!

At the end you have clear conscience about certain things and you know exactly what to do to reach the success. Today students can become teachers through night because this is the era of innovations in which one idea can provide you lot of money, but sometimes that is not enough for staying on the top. Questions are the fastest way to learn and to know everything that you are interested in. I must remind you: ask the right persons. Don’t digress from your student status, go forward and you will grow faster.


You’re probably asking yourself: how to find a real teacher?

The real teacher has real knowledge, which means that only a successful person can teach you about principles of success. There is one real problem: small number of successful persons can find time for you. Reach people don’t want to reveal how to succeed because you’ll become their competition. Don’t discourage yourself! There are people who will help you, look for them, ask on different places and I’m sure you will find that person. The real teacher is amicable, open-minded, strict, and fair and has the right knowledge for helping you reach the results in practice. You may start with reading books; only one idea from the book can enrich you with knowledge. Long time ago it is said that actions speak louder than words; I would rather say that this is the rule of today: Studying, studying and only studying can create the person! The best teachers are eternal students, don’t you ever forget this rule!

Don’t lose your time for nothing, set apart only one hour per day for yourself, there lays the magic of success. Certainly, it needs time to reach the real success. Time for studying + time for realization of learned knowledge = SUCCESS

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