Did You know that newest measurements exactly show how many kilometers you need to pass for achieving certain success ?

These are the details:

100 kilometers per year - job with salary 200-400 Euros

1000 kilometers per year - job with salary 600-800 Euros

10000 kilometers per year - profit under 2000 Euros

In kilometers, following things are calculated:

1. One book read 50 km

2. Studied and Analyzed one good book 100 km

3. One good book applied in practice and put in action 500 km

4. One Seminar 300 km

5. Applying the knowledge from Seminar 800 km

6. Separating 1 hour a day/ every day for thinking & organizing ideas, business, seminar, products,..etc 500 km

7. Discipline that you keep acquiring every day 400 km

8. Patience and tolerance 350 km

9. Enthusiasm 450 km

10. Turning problems into possibilities and positive finish 750 km

11. Positive thinking with no excuse without negation ( No, I don't know, I don't want, I can't,...) 900 km

12. Establishing of good interpersonal relationships and communications 1000 km


These are some of few vital things for success... Read good book or ask people that are already successful so the list will extend...


Now You can proceed on Your Life Way...With no Obstacles ! Start right now !

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