The worst sickness on the Planet Earth is - IGNORANCE. Ignorance about Myself. As any other sickness, this one also has it's symptoms. The symptoms of Ignorance are: Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride, Illusion and Envy. Most of the people in the World suffer because, they have these symptoms. In their quest for Happiness, the person needs to return back it's own consciousness in natural condition and that is condition in which, the person loves the Universal Energy ( God ) and all other living beings. The sickness can be cured by holy names and moral as well as activities that induce ignorance.

            If the Body is sick, the doctor prescribes medicines and advices the patient to avoid activities that can aggravate the condition. Similarly to that, the medicines for Sickness of Ignorance are:

            1.Having company of special, moral and holy persons

            2. Philosophical quest about the Meaning of Life

            3. Meditation, Prayers,..

               And how your illness would not be worse, it is necessary to act with knowledge, to refrain from activities that feed the ignorance like - engaging in acts that worse your problem, gambling, intoxication and eating unhealthy & not conscious food. These activities are destroying the good qualities such as - purity, truthfulness, self-control and compassion. Their renunciation person can start the healing necessary for the awakening of the original consciousness. When this happens, it is possible to know the truth.


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