"Products are wonderful, I use most of them, especially PXD BiopyarmidPXD Kombucha Extract as well gives such an energy and I feel so vital and full of energy." 


1.) Ankica it is very nice to meet you and talk to you. Please tell us more about yourself, your life, career, activities ? People are curious to hear more ?      
Well let me say something shortly. I was born in Veles, Macedonia, finished High school ( Gimnasium ) in Sveti Nikola, where I live. I’m married and I have 2 wonderful kids son and daughter. When I was 23, I left Macedonia and went in South African Republic with my husband in order to find better life. Life in Africa is wonderful, I met many different people with different culture and tradition that is I must admit quite different than ours in Macedonia. In the beginning I changed few working places, that was a great advantage for me to improve my English language. I had an opportunity to work in Meta Trading, as Executive Manager longer period. Then we had a chance, so we moved to Gaborone, Botswana because of my husband’s work. We have lived there for 1 year. Then we came back in South African Republic and set up a small business AAIS Consulting. My voyage in Africa is rather large so I will stop here talking about that.At this moment I live in Macedonia and have a lot of activities, in a Non-governmental organization, seminar’s follow up and other similar activities. 

2.) Well this is wonderful experience, Africa, it sounds so exotic. And how come that you heard about PXD SYSTEM’s products? How did you hear about PXD Business opportunity? 

For PXD SYSTEM’s products I heard 7 years ago from one wonderful person, actually my dear and respected brother, that presented and acquainted me with them and the possibility of cooperation…

3.) Ooh very nice. How is your experience with PXD Products and how they changed your and your family life ?

Products are wonderful, I use most of them, especially PXD BiopyarmidPXD Kombucha Extract as well gives such an energy and I feel so vital and full of energy. Some of PXD Teas also. And of course the chip for mobile phone, that helped me a lot. PXD Biopyramid is wonderful product, that protects all of us and our home, almost 6 years. I’m very pleased because no more headaches and negative energy in my home.

4.) This is very nice to be heard. How possibility for making money made difference for you and your family ?

Beside that I use PXD Products, I have good earnings and normally great discounts that I always use. I mostly adore PXD SYSTEM’s Seminars, that allow everybody to learn many things, many new acquaintances with new persons on them and beautiful share of people’s emotions and their stories with PXD Products

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10 Relaxed, Re-energized and Refreshed emotions