Tatjana Stankovic is Board of the Directors Member of PXD System International for 10 years, company for distribution of products for health and education of the people. She has been in the business for 15 years, with previous experience in few other companies doing sales in different ways. She is one of the best students in the history of mechanical engineering faculty at the University of St.Ciryl and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia


Tatjana Stankovic was born on 17 October 1974, in Skopje, Macedonia. After she completed gymnasium, she started with her studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. At that time, she was one of the best students with an average grade of 9.68. Her ambition to stay and work at the faculty was not fulfilled, so she tried to find a way to earn a living and succeed.
During the years spent at the university she traveled around the world and got acquainted with new cultures, habits, and views of the world. She visited Egypt, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, etc., and that was a prolongation of the previous serial of trips to Greece and England. She always thought that her only salvation is abroad and that was one of the strongest motives to travel a lot.
She had an opportunity to work while studying; she took that advantage and worked as a secretary in a foreign company, which at that time was the first company that started with direct sales on the street. While working there she was faced with a real life and she had her first bad experience which was also the greatest life lecture.
The best things that amazed her was the introduction to the magic of sales and managing people, and she had a lot of opportunities to gain a personal experience selling products by herself on the street. Then she realized that although that job brought many humiliations, it was a big learning experience that made her decision to become very successful stronger and to see every problem as a challenge, not as tragedy.
While doing her regular job, accidentally she went to a presentation made by a big world company. At that time, devastated by the impossibility to realize herself in her field, this new field was a new eye-opener, and that was a possibility to realize the things she wants, just by trying enough times and nothing else.
Meanwhile, she lost her job and continued with her career working in a big world company. Opportunity to visit big world presentation was a huge treasure for her; she had the opportunity to listen to people that at that time made a profit of millions of dollars by doing that job. That is how she again fulfilled her dream to travel.
She went to Austria, Bosnia, and Germany. At those trips, she met Mr Goran Stankovic, who amazed her with his unusual innovative ideas, with big desire and confidentiality in making profit as result of the mission much more than any other ordinary project. Later she married him.
She was successful while doing that job, but not very satisfied with the marketing plan, so she decided to change that her company, which failed for a short time. She started working again in a very successful marketing company, which also wasn't her final goal.
Unemployed, 27 years old Tatjana, was confronted with her personal tragedy related to her health. She accepted her situation and decided to fight for herself, for her health and the future. She was guided by one idea, that besides all, her weakness, the illness, what she learned, there was the way of reaching the big success.
In June 2003, she became a part of PXD System's team, which at that time as a company in establishment, was foreshadowing only potential success, that followed. In 2006, PXD System Intl., according all analysis made by Faculty of Economics in Skopje, Macedonia, was one of the fastest developing companies in the Macedonian market, and in 2007 got a prize as one of the fastest developing companies in Macedonia.
In 2008, PXD System Intl.starts to work in Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Republika Srpska, and Montenegro, with clients all around the world, covering three continents. In 2008, the states of Benelux opened up and the next year Australia.
Journey of success started and now nobody and nothing can stop it. Finally those sweet minutes of success came. She worked many years, having many full time and part time jobs.
Now she lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia, as a part of the team which conquers the whole world, with her brilliant, innovative ideas of the 23 century. 
After eight years in the PXD System Intl.'s business, inspired by her colleague's, Mr. Sokoloski’s, long devotional work, compelled by different hard experiences at work, Tatjana started thinking that there must be something more that could be incorporated in the business, to provide long-term existence and results to the company. All classical marketing methods were functional but always with limited percentage.
In that constant quest for answers, the first thing she was adviced by a friend (a devotee) for a change in the business, was her personal improvement and acting in mode of goodness. She couldn’t quite understand, so she started attending lectures, seminars with a spiritual content, and at the same time diligently tried to apply everything she heard. Step by step, she realized that the powerful spiritual principles started bringing results and improvements both in the business and in her personal life.
Finally, Tatjana understood that Spiritually-Based Business (SBB), Business acting in the mode of goodness, is the only right way to achieve success. And not only for the Board of the company, but the spiritual principles must be incorporated in the employees’s everyday activities, as well as using high spiritual standards toward the clients.

This inspired her recently to do an Interview with Aleksandar Akrura Todorovic ( Life Coach ) on “Spirituality-Business - Is There A Connection !?”, to start a Facebook group “WHY SBB CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE“, with almost 3000 members, and to proceed further with the similar projects.

Meanwhile PXD SYSTEM INTL.'s story of expansion moved forward with newly conquered markets, newly made friendships and newly sent PXDS Message of "Health, Wealth and Happiness". The newly opened Markets were New Zealand, Cyprus and Greece. 


Proud to be part of PXD SYSTEM INTL.'s WIN WIN Team, Tatjana understood that working for the Mutual Benefit of Clients as well as the Company is the best formula for long term success.
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