"The new study, from Germany, a replication of an earlier experiment, also from Germany, found that weak cell phone signals can promote the growth of tumors in mice. It used radiation levels that do not cause heating and are well below current safety standards. Complicating matters even further, lower doses were often found to be more effective tumor promoters than higher levels; in effect, turning the conventional concept of a linear dose-response on its head."

The secret of getting sick is discovered!
By knowing how the things happen, we can greatly affect, the results that occur. Nobody wants to get sick & Nobody wants to feel bad. Anyway the body is machine and it’s condition depends on all inside and outside circumstances, that occur around it.

SAN SALVADOR, Mar 23, 2012 (IPS) - "You see? That's where they were going to put the antenna," says Alicia Suncín, pointing to a spot in the middle of a park in the Salvadoran capital where a private company was planning to erect a cell phone tower, 10 meters away from swings and see-saws where children play.

With the rise of concrete buildings and roads, one part of the Earth that we rarely see is the soil. It has many different names, such as dirt, mud and ground. However, it is definitely very important to us. The plants that feed us grow in soil and keeping it healthy is essential to maintaining a beautiful planet. However,... 

Health is the most important thing for any human because if you have good health then you would become able to earn more money. If you are not healthy then you would not become able to work better and faster. Therefore, everyone wants to escape from different types of disease that could become the cause of death. In the 21st century, here are some main problems that should avoid.

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