Heal Your energy system to heal Your sickness and health problem. 

For thousand years, eastern medicines assumed energy as very important part of process of healing. They noticed that by recovering of body's energetic system ( aura ), many health improvements can be done...Now, that change has been brought to You, just right in the next corner by...

"Without circling around, we say that they destroy live cells in our body and kill many of us, temporary" says Dr.Martin Blank, from the Department for physiology and cellular biophysics of University of Columbia.

We have created something that makes us harm and turns out of control..."

What is the Worst demon You have inside You ?

Do You think You have it ?

Do You think You don't ?

Have You ever heard of the trilogy vicodin, intelligence and super ego ? Do You know which is the Master of the Game of those 3 above ?

The science and the most modern science's machines confirmed that emotional/spiritual & physical body's condition can be transformed to well being, in only 30 min. The body can be harmonized and physical & emotional/spiritual body can be fully adjusted, one to each other. No special efforts, nothing hurts, the delight is obvious. Please, check the obvious results...

Most of us cannot live without our computers, text messaging, e-mail, and immediate access to the vast cloud of information, especially kids and teenagers who have grown up in the age of the Internet. In fact, more schools are integrating computers at younger ages, even in kindergarten. Forty – nine states are phasing out cursive handwriting altogether. What effects does it have, however, on learning, brain development, cognition, and brain health?

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